Our Mission

Boasting 30 year experience in the ICT industry, Agomir is able to quickly respond to user input and market data meeting the substantial requirements of companies and providing high quality solutions easy to implement and use. Our approach entails an in-depth analysis of the Italian and foreign market needs, aimed at understanding the relevant changes and the resulting new business requirements; our assessment expertise is complemented by a close and ongoing contact with our customers in order to identify the advantages offered by a product and any improvements to be made. Consequently, our Mission is

“to provide customers with high-technology solutions and best-in-class services that enable them to grow their business and improve the performance of their activities, both in functional and economic terms”.

Operating strategy

Both in terms of products and business organization, Agomir has always being focused on delivering excellence and innovation. Pursuing the objective of providing state-of-the-art solutions, Agomir is currently a major reference point for the Information & Communication Technology landscape of Northern Italy. As trusted partners we provide our customers with an effective support targeted to identify and deploy a continuous improvement in the area of Business Process Management.

Going beyond a mere technology supply, we offer our customers an activity featuring a technical and operating consultancy delivered on an ongoing basis. Agomir qualified customer service, consultancy, technical support and training are provided according to the specific requirements of companies of any type and size.

Business lines


  • Business Software for Administration and Manufacturing
  • Process & Content Management
  • Asset & Service Management
  • Design, creation and publication of web sites and portals


  • Server Consolidation and Virtualization
  • Connectivity, Hosting and Housing
  • Privacy and Security
  • Backup and Disaster recovery


  • Software and Hardware Support
  • Consultancy and Training
  • Web Marketing

For more information about Agomir S.p.A., visit us at: www.agomir.com